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Preview of the new collection at Galeries Lafayette in Cannes

Annalisa Queen exibits during the Cannes Film Festival 2017 three dresses from the new “Contrasts” collection for the Spring/Summer 2018, in the showcases of the legendary Galeries Lafayette Store in Cannes.

The collection “Contrasts” consists of 12 garments combined together. Daytime outfits consist of skirts or pants matched with tops, shirts or caps. Evening gowns include a completely convertible dress. The fashion designer Annalisa Queen has also created accessories that harmonize with the collection outfits. Bags and bracelets are made with the colors and the fabrics used to fulfill the “Contrasts” collection.

The collection “Contrasts” realized by Annalisa Queen, follows the trends and reveals the story of a nature violated by human being, this story is shown by matching together artificial elements to natural ones. Contraposition is mainly highlighted by using the contrast of colors, most of them are typical of a winter season but they are presented in lightweight textile ideal for the summer. The colors chosen by Annalisa Queen for this S/S collection, remind the tendencies of nature and each garment includes more than one color. Cooler shades of pastel colors like aqua green, powder pink or blue ice are combined and mixed in contrast with warm tones of bordeaux or orange. The lines and cuts of the “Contrasts” collection realized by Annalisa Queen are clean and classic, done with innovative fabrics.

The contrast is also emphasized by the harmony between artificial and ecological textiles like the artificial python joined to natural textile like the cork. The cork is the prevalent element that characterizes all the “Contrasts” collection.