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Annalisa Queen presents the FW 2018-19 Collection at Models Runway Italy

The fourth edition of Models Runway Italy took place in Capaccio Paestum from 7 to 9 September 2018, a multi-fashion fashion event that includes photoshoots, fashion shows, fashion party and many meetings between Italian and international characters of the entertainment world and designers. Many characters took part: Valeria Altobelli (exceptional presenter of the event), Alessandra Giulivo (President of the National Chamber of Young Fashion Designers), Serena Fumaria (Mental Coach with her project against violence against women), Ale Musella (Editor Free Magazine) , Dalila De Masi (testimonial of Dolce & Gabbana), Federico Gorga (singer), Iolanda Pomposelli (journalist) and many others. Among the designers also Annalisa Queen was invited to participate as a brand partner and for this special thanks goes to Giancarlo Presutto, creator of this fantastic event and exceptional organizer together with his wife Mariateresa D’Arco. Annalisa Queen presented for the occasion the Fall Winter 2018 2019 collection, “Copper & Pastels”, characterized by pastel colors, which recalls a playful, cheerful, almost childlike atmosphere. It consists of interchangeable clothing items: coats, high-waisted trousers, skirts, sweaters, short dresses. The lines are mainly classic and clean for example with regard to clothes, but there are also garments revisited in a modern way including short jackets, a duvet jacket with a cross zip or even trousers in unusual fabrics. Some items in the collection are entirely embroidered by hand. As in any Annalisa Queen collection, no fabrics or hides of animal origin are used, worthy of note in this collection are the sweaters in nettle fabric. The Nettle is a very fine fiber for some characteristics even more than cotton and hemp: long, shiny, soft, strong at twisting and elastic is very resistant, because unlike other fibers its strength increases with the passage of time. The fabric that is obtained is similar to linen: it is antistatic, hypoallergenic, transpiring and thermoregulating. Unmissable attention to detail in the Annalisa Queen collections and in the search for particular materials. The flashes with custom copper sliders are visible in every garment and have been made specifically for this collection. There are two models of bags that enrich this collection: a pink fabric bucket embroidered with eco-leather details and copper accessories, and a backpack made of eco-leather with copper accessories and light mint green fabric with accessories in copper. In the same fabrics of the collection among the accessories there are also three models of hats, a classic cap in the nettle fabric, a fake pastel pink turban and a mint green basque. For this collection Annalisa Queen has also designed jewels that recall the forms of nature, flowers and branches, also made of copper. Animal lover Annalisa Queen has decided to include in this collection two dog garments, a nettle sweater and a duvet jacket. Annalisa Queen is working more and more to make its collections completely eco-friendly to completely eliminate even synthetic fabrics or harmful to the environment.