Annalisa Queen was born in Rome (Italy) in 1987 and she began to draw clothes at the age of 10 years.

What for her was a game soon becomes a passion that will push her, after the scientific maturity, to undertake studies in the field of fashion, so she graduated in 2012 in Sciences of the fashion and costume at La Sapienza University in Rome.

Meanwhile she is also very interested in makeup, then she decides to enroll at the Pop Makeup Academy getting a diploma as makeup artist and thus starting to work on photo shoots learning to look after an image 360°.

The name of art “Annalisa Queen” is born from the passion of Annalisa for the band Queen, in 2015 it becomes a registered trademark and she draws a phoenix for it that held for her several meanings. 

In 2013 she enrolled at Maiani Academy where she took her first steps in the construction of models and tailoring, and improves her capabilities in design thanks to her beloved teacher of design Raffaella.

In 2016 she get a diploma in fashion designer with honors.

Her passion for fashion does not stop and always pushes to improve herself, so she meet Enza, extraordinary and finished dressmaker that gives her private lessons that makes her more and more prepared and self-confident.

Annalisa now feels ready to make the jump, she opens a small atelier in 2017 in Rome and the same year she decides to take part at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week in June.