- Top of the eco-friendly python fabric with elasticated pink sleeves.

(Cod. AQCONT101)

- Trousers: half burgundy red and half in perforated cork.

(Cod. AQCONT102)


Dressed in three different fabrics: cork lace for sleeve, ecological python in the middle and blue-ice technical fabric for the rest of the dress.

(Cod. AQCONT103)


Long dress in pink rose cady with cork lace decoration on the back.

(Cod. AQCONT104)


- Panama mélange hood with cork applications.

   (Cod. AQCONT105)

- Ecological python skirt.

   (Cod. AQCONT106)


- Ecological python top with burgundy red sleeves.

   (Cod. AQCONT107)

- Cork lace skirt.

   (Cod. AQCONT108)


Short red dress with flared skirt and neckline, cork applications on the back and on the gown.

(Cod. AQCONT109)


Long dress in blue-ice technical fabric and cork applications.

(Cod. AQCONT110)


Short dress with navy neckline, cork applications.

(Cod. AQCONT111)


- Red burgundy top with cork lace sleeves.

   (Cod. AQCONT112)

- Panama mélange skirt.

   (Cod. AQCONT113)


- Cork lace top.

(Cod. AQCONT114)

- Bicolor skirt: ecological python adhering to the hips that becomes flared in pink cady.

(Cod. AQCONT115)


- Knit in burgundy red with elbow sleeves with cork decoration.

(Cod. AQCONT116)

- Eco-friendly cigarette pants.

(Cod. AQCONT117)


Long burgundy red dress with cork band in waist. Gala dress transformable into cocktail tube by releasing the outer fabric part.

(Cod. AQCONT118)

Photo by Justyna Pawlowska


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