Annalisa Queen dresses a woman that makes elegance her lifestyle, she likes to dare and to be always original but without never exceed. Her woman loves the quality, the refinement of the product and the accessory peculiarity. 

It's a brand that always points to the quality and the craftsmanship of the product without ever losing sight of the care and  the attention to detail.

Annalisa Queen is also an Eco-friendly luxury brand in favor of the ethical fashion, in fact it doesn’t use fur or animal skins but only synthetic fabrics and natural fiber fabrics.

She always looks at the trends and the continuous renewal through the research of special materials, she likes to mix styles, to create unusual associations between colors and fabrics to be able to offer such a sophisticated product of high quality and workmanship.

Annalisa Queen wants to realize for her woman tailor-made dresses that can make the most of her, so at the moment the brand is not addressed to large retailers but at a niche audience.